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12-Week Certificate Program for Health Coaches, Personal Trainers + Nutrition Enthusiasts 

High-Level Education to Help You Master and Implement the #Moderation365 Principles for Yourself and Your Clients: quit obsessive dieting for good and learn to eat the same on Saturday that you do on Monday. 
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You're Here Because You Know There's More to Life than Food Obsession

Hi, I'm Jill Coleman, your instructor for The #Moderation365 Certification, MS in Clinical Nutrition and recovered obsessive dieter.

Over the last 11 years at JillFit, we’ve helped over 10,000 people overcome their food obsession with the #Moderation365 principles, taking them from extreme all-or-nothing dieting to a completely customized way of eating that feels effortless and automated.

This is not a weight loss course (though often clients will lose weight as a result of quitting the binging and being less stressed overall).


With the goal being one thing: even out the highs and lows in your eating and learn to eat the same on Saturday that you do on Monday, literally eating the same 365 days a year. Holidays, vacations, dining out, “special” occasions, all-you-can-eat buffets, Grandma’s famous apple pie, whatever … NO PROBLEM.

The #Moderation365 tenets did not exist back in 2011 and 2012 when I was starting to see that myself and dozens of my clients were not able to stay on strict meal plans and diet programs.

All we had were coaches telling us to “just stay compliant” and “you just gotta want it more."

We were left with shame, guilt and embarrassment that these rigid, depriving diets made us want to dive headfirst into a pan of brownies and never reemerge.

On top of not getting the outcomes we desired AND the immense self-loathing that went along with it, thinking about food, counting, measuring and OBSESSING felt like a full-time job.

No one was talking about moderate eating (and honestly, most hardcore dieters like myself would’ve found it too watered down anyway).

No one was sharing tools or telling us it was okay to be kind to ourselves. 

No one was taking away the judgment and just helping us get clinical.

After nearly a decade of dieting and obsessiveness, one day on a hot June day in North Carolina, I finally threw my hands up and said, “I’m so miserable, I can’t keep doing this, I don’t care if I gain 50 lbs, I have to figure out how to eat normally forever.”

I quit the all-or-nothing, weekly deprive-then-binge eating I was doing—which WAS NOT working btw—and resolved to figure out my eating once and for all.

I had a business I wanted to see successful.

I had relationships I wanted to cultivate.

Heck, I had vacations I wanted to take without bringing a million Tupperwares with me, ha!

Hence, the #Moderation365 tools were born.

And while it took me about 3 years to fully make this switch, I started honing the tools and techniques, reverse engineering my own process and finally started teaching the curriculum to clients in 2014.

And as a result, my clients now are making this shift in as little as 12 weeks, and their lives are forever changed.

This is not a diet course. I won’t be telling you the food to eat or the meal plans to recommend.

I will be helping you lay a solid foundation for your clients so they can understand—not the foods themselves—but how they INTERACT with those foods.

Telling clients what and when to eat without teaching them how to understand their unique biofeedback and practice mindfulness is liking treating someone with Celiac disease a TUMs.

That's a Band-aid fix.

The #Moderation365 Coaching Curriculum will facilitate giving your clients back their autonomy and helping them to truly TRUST themselves around any food any time.

Food FINALLY has zero control.

It’s hard work, but it's the most fulfilling and liberating work we can do for ourselves and those clients who we want to see successful.

You in? I hope so. We’ve got work to do.

Here's What the #Moderation365 Certification Will Provide for You and Your Clients:

  1. Understanding and unpacking old, destructive nutrition narratives
  2. Understanding the Trust versus Control Continuum and starting to unlearn obsessive dieting rules and patterns
  3. Choosing simplicity and implementation over information and overwhelm
  4. Objective nutrition components including macronutrients, hormonal biochemistry, hunger/cravings, hydration and adjustments as needed based on results.
  5. Learning and mastering the #Moderation365 principles for your clients, including:
  • Daily Nutritional Commitments + gross versus fine dial movers
  • Eating for the The 3 E's
  • Preemptive cheats/Intelligent Indulgence
  • Mindfulness Mastery including Intermittent Sampling, Exposure Therapy, Richness-Volume Scale, Biofeedback and more
  • Abundance versus Scarcity Mindset tools, including Situational Eating, Food FOMO, Calorie Matching, Peer Pressure, Ownership and more
  • Tactical tools for ongoing mindset practices and progress/compliance tools
  • Soft skills coaching, including building trust with clients, increasing adherence, client expectation management and more.
  • Internet business education for coaches including branding, messaging, marketing, offer creation and more.
  • A total TRUST that they are in control of their food choices 365 days a year, fully automated eating, zero stress and most importantly, the time and mental energy to give to other endeavors in life.
  • And so much more!

12-Week Curriculum Overview

Detailed breakdown of virtual workshop education:

Week 1: Intro to Moderation and overview the Deprivation-Indulgence Scale, identifying what food obsession looks like, why overindulgence happens, investigating traditional “dieting” modalities and where they fall short, and what eating #Moderation365 looks like in practice.

Week 2: Daily Nutritional Commitments (DNCs) and how to satisfy The 3 E’s of sustainable, automated healthy nutrition for your clients

 Week 3: Overview of #Moderation365 tools and strategies, including #SatisfactionFactor, Preemptive Cheats, Intelligent Indulgence, Nonnegotiables and how to guide your clients to identifying and successfully implementing these.

Week 4: Overview of the research on Mindfulness as a modality to help with slowing down time for clients to feel their unique biofeedback signals (hunger, cravings, energy, mood, satiety, satisfaction, etc.), Exposure Therapy and how clients can use the tools and strategies to practice mindfulness: Intermittent Sampling, and more.

Week 5: Understanding abundance versus scarcity when it comes to food, overview of Food FOMO, Situational Eating, uncovering old food narratives and practicing mindfulness.

Week 6: Interacting with people and situations and how to handle: food pushers, peer pressure, Calorie Matching, comments about your food and how to stay the course when people around you start dieting jumping. Tools include The Power Lead, Ownership, boundaries and discernments.

Week 7: Intro to biofeedback and troubleshooting – objective nutrition including macro awareness, and how to adjust based on goal and hour-to-hour physiology (hunger, cravings, energy, satisfaction, fullness, etc.)

Week 8: Goals, performance, fat loss, calorie deficits/surpluses and body composition change in the context of moderation and mindfulness. How we can help our clients with their goals without deprivation or perpetuating all-or-nothing approaches.

Week 9: Behavior change principles, tiny habits, lowering the barrier to entry, compliance, mindset, limiting beliefs and building trust with clients for better adherence. The “soft skills” of coaching, including Growth vs. Fixed Mindset, Failure Expectation, resiliency and tenacity.

Week 10: Self-compassion and gratitude principles, how perception/mindset can impact our clients’ compliance and tools for how to help clients with their tenacity and manage their expectations ongoing.

Week 11: Intro to online business: who are you in the online space, branding, messaging and how to use this certification to position yourself in a crowded online marketplace as a coach, how to command what you’re worth and confidently sell your services.

Week 12: Creating your 1:1 coaching offer, creating your application process, sales on social media and how to close your nutrition consult prospects using the technology we have online.


Connect with other health & fitness pros like you and grow and cultivate your expertise.

Plus, our Head of Coaching, Sara Baker will be walking you through lessons live in our monthly office hours, and of course the recordings will be added to our FB support community after the fact. The live sessions will be a review of the content and then an opportunity for you to ask questions, get feedback, connect with the other professionals and more.

In our closed community group, you'll have access to Sara and the #Moderation365 coaching team for feedback and clarification between office hour calls.


Each week, you'll receive applicable materials for your clients' success. This includes templates, questionnaires, worksheets and checklists.

Your clients' success will depend on your ability to help them understand themselves better; including their own biofeedback (hunger, cravings, satisfaction, fullness, etc), unique schedule and preferences, psychological implications and family life/social life.

The worksheets and interactive guides provided by this course will help with clarity. This also includes a suggested 12-week outline for your own coaching.


In addition to the weeks of business education already included in the certification, I'll be doing my best to get you in front of potential new clients to get hired and featured.

This will include a feature on the JillFit website in the Certified Nutrition Professionals directory, including your contact info, location, any special skills and credentials you have as well as your social media handles and application link.

This also includes potential features on the @Moderation365 and @Moderation365Coaching Instagram accounts so that potential clients can find you and potentially hire you.

If you’re wondering what it’s like to enroll in this certification, here are a few excerpts from last round’s feedback from the gals who have already certified👇

How the Certification Works


Upon enrollment, you'll get an initial confirmation email with details about getting started.


Each week, you'll receive the week's lesson via prerecorded video housed on our #Moderation365 membership site (username/password). The trainings will be anywhere from 20-60 minutes.

  • Weeks 1-6:  Subjective nutrition - the foundational #Moderation365 principles and tenets
  • Weeks 7-8: Objective nutrition - biochemistry, macronutrients, hormones and troubleshooting 
  • Weeks 9-10: Mindset, compliance, retention, ownership, nonjudgment, self-compassion - "soft skills" to help your clients be more successful long-term
  • Week 11-12: Online business skills for coaches - creating your 1:1 or group coaching offer and how to talk about and use your new certification to increase your bottom line.

And then, Sara, our Head of Coaching will be hosting a LIVE training/office hours event on once a month going over lessons. Then opening it up to questions from you.


Throughout the course, you'll receive short homework assignments to complete including scenarios with potential clients AND asking you to beta test the skills you're learning with real people.

You'll be responsible for working through a 6-week case study with a beta client by the end of the course.


All members will be housed in a private online community where they can connect with one another and access the #Moderation365 coaching team for questions and accountability.


I'm going to be teaching everything you need to know to complete the multiple choice final exam. You'll have 9 months from your start date to take the exam and earn your certificate.

Upon successful completion of the exam and your certification, you'll be able eligible to redeem your CEUs for any of the certification bodies we are currently a provider for--ACE. NASM, ISSA and AFAA:

AFAA = 12 CEU credits
NASM = 1.2 CEU credits
ACE = 3.5 CEU credits
ISSA = 18 CEU credits

Enroll in The #Moderation365 Certification Now!

Course starts immediately and you'll have lifetime access to the material

Enroll Now for $797
Finance Enrollment: 3 Payments of $319/month

Little Note from Jill ...

Use this Certification to Increase Your Coaching Revenue👇

I'm so glad you're here and you're considering elevating your nutrition and psychology education by becoming a Certified #Moderation365 Nutrition Consultant!

As you know, as a recovered obsessive dieter, this education holds a special place in my heart and it is the reason why in the first 4 years of JillFit, the brand really took off and starting generating multiple 6-figures: people were looking for an alternative to macro-counting, obsessive counting and measuring and were ready to just stop thinking about food so dang much!

But there just wasn't anything back in 2011-2012.

The #Moderation365 Method put JillFit on the map, and I want the same for you.

Not only will this education and your mastery of it position you uniquely in an ever-saturated online coaching (or in-person) coaching marketplace, but it will help you provide something 99% of coaches won't be able to and therefore will increase demand for your services and thus more revenue-generating potential.

See Elisa's testimony below👇

AND because in recent years, I spend a lot of time as  business coach to health professionals, I made sure to include everything you need to know to:

  • Position yourself in a saturated marketplace uniquely
  • Create a 12-week coaching program that's different than anything else out there
  • Package your services in a way that feels different and better to potential clients
  • Speak about your education and your coaching services in a compelling way (aka marketing)
  • Post and share about your certification on social media and to your email list for potential customers to enroll
  • And so much more!

Something I always say is ... a credential is only as good as its ability to increase your bottom line!

Learning for learning's sake is great, but why not also learn how to use it to generate more revenue, clients and success?

This is also why the final 2 modules are 100% dedicated to business, marketing, messaging and selling your #Moderation365 coaching services!

See you on the other side! Xo, Jill


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