#LeanBuilding 2.0

12-Week Muscle-Building Program for Women 35+

Progressive weight-training program designed specifically for women who want to build lean muscle, maintain muscle as they age, increase muscle definition and look more athletic

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Here's what the program looks like and how it's laid out


12 Weeks. 3-5 days a week. 20-45 minutes a day.

More muscle. More definition. More athleticism.

If you want your body to respond differently, you may have to train differently.

#LeanBuilding 2.0 is a brand, new 12-week muscle-building program for women 35+ and here's something I want you to be ready for:

These workouts are going to FEEL different.

If you are used to only doing full-body workouts, or using bands and super light weights, or doing 27 circuits in a single workout, or running around getting hot and sweaty with lots of HIIT, cardio and metcons … these muscle-building workouts will definitely challenge you in a new way.

And I believe they will challenge you in a better way.

If you are in your late 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond, your metabolism is changing due to hormonal shifts, and the types of workouts (or even eating) you were able to get away with in your 20s simply won’t work the same.

In short, as our estrogen, progesterone and testosterone decline as we age, our metabolism becomes less stress-resistant AND less insulin sensitive.

Meaning, stress hormones will affect how we feel, our physique and body composition even more drastically. And our metabolism won't be able to handle huge swings in blood sugar as easily.

If you're a woman in her late 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond, you may be already experiencing some of this:

👉Your body doesn’t seem to respond to more cardio or calorie-cutting like it used to.

👉Or maybe you’re feeling like you have to do even more exercise to just maintain.

👉You’re noticing more body fat storage in your midsection or your waistband is getting tighter.

👉Maybe adding muscle feels harder, or you’re feeling “softer” than you used to.

👉You know you need to prioritize weight-training to combat some of the hormonal changes happening, but can't seem to get consistent with it

👉Your soft tissue integrity has changed–looser skin, cellulite, etc.

👉Or maybe you just want to feel strong, athletic and HEALTHY as you age!

Nothing is "wrong," it’s just that as we age, we need to pay attention to stress even more (both physiological and psychological) than we may have when we were younger.

All exercise is technically “stress.” But not all exercise stress is created equal. And as we age, we need to prioritize exercise that works with our new hormonal situation rather than against it.

Enter slower, heavier weight training–deliberately trying to add or even just maintain muscle.

Muscle is your metabolic engine ... even more so in your 40s and beyond.

It’s THE THING that helps maintain a flexible, responsive metabolism. It helps with soft tissue integrity, bone density, insulin sensitivity … not to mention having visible muscle is sexy asf (personal opinion ;)).

So the most effective exercise for us now is probably NOT going to feel like the old HIIT and metcons and cardio routines we’re used to.

Most women will lose 3-8% of their muscle mass each decade starting in their 30s IF they don’t consciously work to save it or build it.

So ... are you ready for a new way of exercising?


What You Can Expect with #LeanBuilding

The 12-week muscle-building program progresses you through 4 PHASES:


This is phase 1 of #LeanBuilding 2.0, and it’s a 2-week phase designed to help you prime your nervous system, prime your movement patterns and get some of the initial soreness out so that we can start to go heavier and add more volume. MOVE workouts will be mostly full-body, hybrid and compound movements. You’ll use mostly moderate weight and you’ll feel a little breathless and sweaty during these workouts.


This is phase 2 of #LeanBuilding 2.0 and it’s also a 2-week block that will focus on basic strength training, compound and isolation movements designed to help you start getting stronger. The days are broken up into Upper Body and Lower Body, and the focus here is on good form and slowly adding heavier weight.


This is phase 3 of #LeanBuilding 2.0, and will last 4 weeks. Now we’re getting into more volume! Think 4-5 sets, monster sets, adding weight and breaking the days down into body part splits. We’ll be doing synergistic muscle groups designed for OVERLOAD, and a whole lot of burning, heaviness in the muscles and working to near failure/failure. Here’s where we start to GROW.


The final 4-week phase of #LeanBuilding 2.0., the MASS phase is my favorite! Lots of volume, lots of burnouts, lots of synergistic movements designed to help you work to near-failure/failure. You’ll be leaving the gym with a lot of heaviness in the muscles. We’ll also include more advanced hypertrophy strategies here, like 21s, drop sets, tension reps, isolations, partial reps, tempo reps and more. At this point in the program, you should be fit enough to layer on the most advanced of techniques!

What's Included in #LeanBuilding?

Upon purchase, you'll get access to a closed membership site, where all the workouts, tutorial videos and photos are housed.

28 Muscle-Building Workouts

The 12-week program is broken down into FOUR PHASES:

  • MOVE - 2 weeks, 3 days/week
  • METABOLIC - 2 weeks, 3-4 days/week
  • MUSCLE - 4 weeks, 5 days/week
  • MASS - 4 weeks, 5-6 days/week

The workouts are designed for "progressive overload," which means you'll be tracking and increasing your weights as you get stronger and the weeks progress, with the goal of adding more muscle, while maintaining your leanness.

In addition to the 12 weeks' worth of programming, you'll have access to 10 additional 5-minute "burn outs" if you'd like more a little more sweating, breathlessness and cardio. These "finishers" can be added to any workout as an option.


Form Videos for Each Workout

Each individual workout comes with its own demonstration video, breaking down each movement, including form cues and how to modify if you're new to a movement, or have compromised joints.

Also included in each workout are modifications for how to do the workout at home, if you don't have access to barbells.

Please be advised that this program is designed for women who identify as at least "INTERMEDIATE" exercisers, and does require at least 3 sets of dumbbells: light, moderate + heavy ... as this is a muscle-building program after all. If you have access to more equipment, even better.

The videos are simple to digest and can be watched on mobile.

Suggested Calendar to Follow

This program requires a 3-5 day per week commitment, and is a body change program, meaning you're going to be overloading the muscles and forcing them to respond, hence building additional muscle.

I'll be providing a suggested weekly calendar for how you space the workouts for maximum recovery.

If you decide to enroll at the SWOLEMATES level, I will be walking you through this calendar and helping you adjust your schedule as needed so you can be as compliant as possible.

Please be advised that if you cannot do all the suggested days, not all is lost! You'll be able to adjust and make the program work for you.

BUT, if you aren't able to commit to at least 3 days a week, I wouldn't invest in this program.

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Hi, I'm Jill!

I'm Jill Coleman, the 42-year old creator of #LeanBuilding 2.0 and founder of JillFit!

My personal journey in fitness has been riddled with over-exercising, extreme dieting and finally, a return to balance—less time and mental energy spent on physique pursuits, but more leveraged efforts.

I no longer need to be exercising for hours to feel worthy (or even to have a stellar physique) and instead have focused the last 11 years on prioritizing efficiency over sheer time in the gym.

We know that our workouts need to be on the shorter side for us to stay compliant. Workouts need to be intense enough to generate the results we want. And they need to fit into a busy schedule so that we can also have a life and not be a slave to the gym.

With all that in mind, I’d been hesitant to roll out a building program because I wanted to make sure it could be on the shorter side, while also being effective (typically bodybuilders spend hours in the gym a day).

I created what I believe strikes a balance with all of those things: time-sensitive, intense and also effective for gaining size and more definition.

Besides, if we want to get “toned” we have to have something to tone, aimright?

Enter #LeanBuilding 2.0.

What People Are Saying About #LeanBuilding 2.0 Workouts

Over 20,000 women have completed #LeanBuilding 2.0 workouts over the last 2 months, literally helping me perfect this program. Here's what they had to say about them:

Frequently Asked Questions

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DISCLAIMER: These workouts are designed for educational and sharing purposes, and you follow them at your own risk. You are an adult, capable of listening to your body and knowing what it can and can’t handle. I have done my best to prepare you for a safe and effective workout, but please speak with your physician before starting any fitness program, especially if you are at a higher risk for illness and injury. Jill Coleman and Jill Coleman Fitness, Inc. assume no risk or liability for your voluntary participation in this program.