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For Coaches Who Want to Grow Their Online Coaching Business with a Powerful BRAND + BETTER Client Results

Grow your audience, attract dream clients and have 100% confidence you can deliver the best results for them: better compliance, longer retention, more word-of-mouth marketing/social proof + easily double your revenue

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What's Included in The Coaching Academy?


This is the inaugural Coaching Academy launch and BEST EVER investment pricing! You'll be grandfathered in at the most affordable rate for as long as you'd like to be a part of it.

Unlock your full potential by understanding the psychology of coaching.

The Coaching Academy is a brand, new membership that teaches you the skills you need to be a BETTER COACH.

Led by author, host of Take Care Radio, and former Director of Coaching of a $1M coaching program, Danny Coleman teaches you the skills to hold your clients accountable, increase client retention, and ultimately get your people RESULTS.

Join the brand, new Coaching Academy and immediately access:

  • Core education on the psychology of coaching to understand what makes people tick and how to drive behavior change (updated monthly)
  • Coaching call scripts to know exactly¬†what to say on your coaching calls¬†
  • Blueprints¬†that walk you through advanced coaching processes (updated monthly)
  • Coaching Blueprints for¬†note taking, onboarding, and conducting breakthrough coaching calls¬†(updated monthly)
  • Q&A Library where your specific coaching questions get answered in 60-seconds -- we'll show you exactly how to handle that client who is always scattered or is emailing you in the middle of the night¬†(updated monthly)
  • Systems to increase client compliance and retention so they stay with you forever
  • Monthly Mastermind Calls with Coach Danny & your fellow Coaching Academy members to network and connect on the latest in coaching
  • And so much more!

Every month, we'll add new materials that will improve your coaching toolkit and put you in the top 10% of coaches.

Inaugural pricing available until Monday only! 

Get The Coaching Academy Membership for the Inaugural Pricing ($49/mo.)

Why The Coaching Academy?

In 1994, Harvard University set out to study people who dramatically changed their lives. How? They joined a group of people they would like to become.

The Coaching Academy was designed to curate, educate, and support GREAT COACHES.

Great coaches have the power affect lives in a lasting way; to create a ripple effect of health throughout a family or even a community. By understanding the psychology of coaching and investing time and energy with other powerful coaches, you’ll be able to:

  • Influence positive behavior changes
  • Keep clients longer
  • And ultimately, deliver life changing results

Join the Coaching Academy today and get the inaugural membership pricing!

Imagine charging top dollar for a stellar coaching experience that you have 100% confidence will get your clients the EXACT results they want, and being so in-demand that your wait list is booked out for months ...

THAT is what the Coaching Academy will deliver.

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Get The Coaching Academy Membership for the Inaugural Pricing ($49/mo.)

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