$97.00 USD

Build a powerful social media presence with my “Social Media Boot Camp” 

I break down the 6 TYPES of content for social media, teaching a whole “idea generation” module to create dozens of ideas for posts, plus giving you access to my signature Captivating Captions Framework for exactly what to write in your captions to generate DM and sales inquiries.


Social Media Boot Camp will help you:

  • How to GROW on Social Media - what kinds of content gets shared and goes viral
  • How to BUILD TRUST with your current people - what kinds of content gets SAVED and elicits DMs
  • Learn the 5 S’s of Social Media posts and when and how to use each, including a suggested posting calendar
  • Tactically how to create quote cards, REELs, easy/fast videos and what kinds of captions generate the most engagement
  • How to generate more DMs and coaching inquiries right on social, you don’t need a website or sales page
  • How to orchestrate a “Niche 1:1 Coaching Launch” right on social, no website or sales page needed
  • Best practices for IG/FB Stories and how to build community and connection
  • And much more!


Six Figure Fitness

Upon enrollment, you'll receive an email with directions on how to access your course.

Don't forget that this course will be BUILT IN REAL TIME from March 18th to the end of April, and every time new content gets uploaded, you'll get an email notification.

Any questions? Email [email protected]