Introducing Fitness Business Accelerator (FBA)

6-Month Business Intensive for Trainers + Coaches Who Want to Make a Huge Impact and Build Their Income Online in 2021 and Beyond

Work directly with Jill to get your online coaching business up, running and thriving in the last quarter of 2021 and beyond! Only 75 students accepted, we start October 4th!

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TWO WAYS TO INVEST: Pay in full (and save) or finance your tuition๐Ÿ‘‡

Invest in Full - $2497
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An additional 6-training series all about how to better yourself as a coach.

This is a $997 value, and we’re adding it 100% free for you as an FBA student.

Here’s the thing … you’re an expert. You have the credentials, you have the experience, you have the story of transformation.

And I’m going to help you layer on the business strategy so you can sign more clients and bring in more revenue (that’s a guarantee, btw).

BUT I want to make EXTRA SURE that the clients you sign get the best results possible. Because the better results you get for clients (aka your coaching skills):

  • The higher retention you’ll have.
  • The longer your contracts will be.
  • The more testimonials, case studies and word-of-mouth referrals you’ll generate.

This BONUS Coaching Track will consist of everything that is not business. You’ll learn:

  • How to connect with clients in an organic and aligned way
  • How to communicate with clients openly, and get them to do the same
  • How to create the safest space possible for clear communication
  • Scripts, systems and processes for how to actually run your coaching calls
  • Mindset and expectation management conversations to have before and during coaching
  • How to increase client trust and report to facilitate honest sharing and better results
  • Specific mental frameworks for how to motivate your clients—things like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Self-Determination Theory, Action and Commitment Therapy, Explanatory Styles and additional mindset frameworks
  • How to sell clients on your ideas/methodology so they take more action
  • The key components of Behavior Change
  • And so much more!

Literally we’ll be packaging this course later for sale at $997 and you’re getting access to it for free as a BONUS as part of your FBA enrollment.


What is Fitness Business Accelerator?

Fitness Business Accelerator (FBA) is a 6-month up-close-and-personal business ACCELERATED program for motivated and action-oriented health, fitness, nutrition and wellness professionals who want to spend LESS time in the gym or the office and MORE time taking distance coaching clients and working from home.

FBA is an accelerated program, led by Jill Coleman of JillFit, to help you build your online platform, attract the perfect client to work with, and start signing clients online within weeks.

FBA is about 2 things only: ACTION + RESULTS.

I Asked Current FBA Students What They'd Tell Someone Thinking About Joining FBA ...

And here are some of their real, honest responses๐Ÿ‘‡

We Meet Every Week as a Group, Coaching Directly with Jill

The connections you can expect to make with other beginner online coaches and business owners are magical.

This upcoming round is the 4th round of FBA and those in the earliest round (2018) are now making multiple 6-figures online, doing collaborations together, are business partners and growing together, supporting one another. These are friendships (and potential business partners!) to last a lifetime.

I wish something like FBA existed when I was getting started.

What It's Like To Be In FBA

A lil' background because times are a-changin' (hello, pandemic! hello, Zoom! hello, distance coaching!)

Hi, I'm Jill Coleman, owner at JillFit and your coach in Fitness Business Accelerator!

Over the last 10 years, I've been coaching health and fitness professionals on business in a program called Best of You (BOY). I launched BOY as a year-long education into online business--covering everything from email marketing and Instagram to webinars and affiliate marketing.


BOY was an amazing education in all things online business. BUT, it was super robust and ended up being overwhelming for those juuuust getting into the online space, and who are wanting (and needing!) to get some quick wins impact-wise and income-wise.

Enter Fitness Business Accelerator.

FBA is my signature 6-month ACCELERATED coaching course for health, fitness and nutrition professionals who are exhausted from the time-for-money grind and want to learn to leverage the internet to grow their online coaching business FAST.

It's not going to be easy. And it's not for those who aren't fired up to reach a wider audience.

Because I am going to be coaching with you directly, WEEKLY, for 6 months straight, I expect that you are driven, committed and READY to take more action to build your business than you ever have before.

I'm going to be demanding those things because that was me.

In 2010, I started JillFit as a blog.

I was a personal trainer and group fitness instructor working 70-80 hours a week in the gym, doing hours of exercise a day and I WAS BEYOND BURNED OUT.

Get up at 4am, at the gym for my first client at 5am. Train, shower, more clients, home for a couple hours to eat and stare at the wall, then back to the gym for evening clients. Home at 9pm, and repeat.

BUT I saw the internet as a way for me to reach more people with potentially less time-for-money grind.

And while JillFit grew fast--to 6 figures within the first 14 months--I was STILL doing time-for-money: writing meal plans, workout programs, getting on Skype calls with clients and returning emails.

The BIGGEST SHIFT happened 18 months into my journey at JillFit.

I was at a crossroads. Now, instead of just working at the gym a billion hours, I was coming home and writing meal plans until 1am. Burning the candle at both ends!

But I didn't know what else to do.

I'd grown up with the mindset of: if you want to make more, you simple work more hours

So when I became 100% maxed out on time, I had ZERO solutions.

BUT, I was also a do-it-yourself-er. Meaning, I thought business was common sense, surely I could figure it out myself.

But the reality was, I just wasn't.

Month after month, I stayed stuck.

I didn't know how to work less. I didn't know how to leverage my time. I didn't know how to automate or create courses and programs that could make money while I slept.


I was terrified to invest!

Like I said, I was a DIY person, I'll figure it out myself. But I knew I needed someone who'd been there, done that, to provide the road map for me to get to the next level.

I reached out to someone who was living the life (and business) I wanted, but was about 5 years ahead of me.

She pitched me on her $10,000 mentorship, and I was terrified! I didn't have that money! Was she insane?!

BUT ... I was stuck and didn't know where to go.

I knew that in order to drastically grow my business, I had to do something drastic.

So the biggest switch came from reaching out to someone who had been where I was, asking for help and then--gulp!--putting skin in the game with time, effort and actual money (a huge shift from my old scared, scarcity mindset!) to make a huge change in my life.

It was after engaging in a series of my own mentorships and coaching, that I felt driven to provide something similar for health + fitness pros who were just like me. Those who were motivated but at a crossroads (like I was) and not sure what the next step should be.

I help those who are passionate about helping others but need the guidance and support of someone who has been where they have.

The program is for health/fitness/wellness professionals who want to start, grow and crush their online business so they can free up their time, do what they love and have complete autonomy over their schedules.

This 6-month business-builder course is about 2 things: ACTION + RESULTS.

No extraneous education. Only the things you need to make an impact and an income as fast as possible. And I'm going to be holding your hand every step of the way.

What's Included in FBA?

  • WEEKLY live group coaching calls with Jill—these are the most magical part of FBA. We connect weekly, face to face and I will be teaching briefly, and then giving you assignments and answering any/all questions you have. This is by far the biggest value of the program, and the most impactful. We typically stay on for 1-2 hours each week, and all calls are recorded so that if you cannot be on live, you can listen after the fact ($24,000 value).

  • Access to the FBA Educational portal with access to TWO to THREE new trainings per month, including expert interviews, tutorials on marketing, branding, sales, product development and more. I will always be sharing with you the LATEST and most relevant tools and strategies that are working ($9,000 value) - see below for the full curriculum.

  • Customized homework assignments where I'll be walking you through EXACTLY what to be doing week to week--they will build on each other and with patience, practice and consistent implementation, you'll be on your way to a making a bigger impact and income in the next 6 months ($3000 value)

  • Access to a closed private Facebook community to connect with other like-minded members, discuss homework assignments, share ideas and collaborate ($6,000 value). NOTE: I will not be coaching directly in here, but will be moderating. The coaching with me happens via our live group calls.

  • You'll be granted a FREE ticket to the FBA Live event in Los Angeles, CA January 27-28th, 2022 ($1500 value)

  • Access to a network of industry leaders (including Jill's Mastermind Coaching Collective members) and Jill's inner circle for resources, contacts and to be surrounded with like-minded women who are all elevating in 2022 and beyond. Besides, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, soooo ...

  • Friendships, collaboration opportunities, networking with peers who are doing the same thing as you, lifelong connections and lifetime access to the FBA curriculum (priceless)

  • And so much more!


The Kinds of Results You Can Expect in FBA

Who is Fitness Business Accelerator (FBA) for exactly?

  • Those ready to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION! This is a continuation of #SocialU and I am looking for people who are done with talking about it, and are finally ready to do the thing!

  • Those who realize (especially in light of the pandemic) that they need to start utilizing the internet to populate their coaching roster and can't rely completely on the brick-and-mortar gym or clinic business.

  • Those ready to quit or pull-back on the time-for-money grind and want to learn how to create online products and services that help people all over the world

  • People who have a burning desire to create something important, make a huge impact and make money online by following their passion

  • Those who are driven and determined, but need help with direction and knowing exact steps to take

  • Those who want accountability and guidance from someone who’s been there, done that, and can provide the shortcuts

  • Those who have a passion for helping others and identify as a coach of any kind--you don't have to be a trainer, and you don’t have to have a business already—and want to leverage their talents for the internet and make money while they sleep

  • Even if you are in currently working a 9-to-5 or are in the corporate world, if you want to delve somehow into health and fitness but don’t know where to start

  • I am looking to work with women who are action-oriented and even when they are challenged, will continue to look for solutions instead of crumbling under a victim mentality.

  • If you are in year 0-2 of internet business. You do not need to already have a business or have a website or have coaching offers. etc. This is a truly BEGINNER business program.

Who is FBA not for?

  • People who are not willing or able to take massive action to make a change in their personal and professional lives

  • Those whose #1 goal is physique-oriented. This is not a weight loss program — our #1 goal is to get your physique efforts automated so that the time and mental energy you spend on it is minimized, or order to devote time and energy to the business, relationships and recharge time.

  • Those who are closed off to self-growth and development, and think they already “got it” or are unwilling to do the deep introspective work required to get better, learn and grow.

  • Those who cannot commit to investing in their future, whether emotionally, time-wise or financially. You get out of the program what you put in. The more time and effort you give it, the bigger the returns.



The first 3 months of FBA will be focused on:

  • Branding and messaging
  • Positioning you online (what will you be "known for?")
  • Niche + reaching your ideal clients using social media
  • Content strategy ongoing
  • Developing your 1:1 coaching offer
  • Learning how to sell in the DMs and do high-ticket 1:1 sales calls on the phone
  • Setting up your email marketing/newsletter
  • Creating your first freebie/lead magnet so that people actually want it
  • Creating your first landing page for your email opt-in
  • Promoting your lead magnet to start getting email subscribers
  • Learning what to send your email subscribers to transform them into raving fans who want to invest with you



The second half of FBA will be focused on:

  • Writing your email nurture sequence to warm potential leads up
  • Understanding marketing and how to make a compelling argument for your products and programs
  • Learning how to write marketing copy for social media and email newsletters to sell on those platforms
  • Creating your first program or product separate from 1:1 coaching, which will be a course and/or a group coaching program
  • Writing your first official sales page
  • Going through your first official open/closed cart launch using my signature launch formula
  • Intro to paid advertising using Instagram and Facebook (completely optional but familiarity is helpful should you decide to layer this on later)
  • A ton of mindset work!

What Can You Expect to Accomplish in FBA? 

  • You will be signing clients and generating revenue online within 6 months, hands down.

  • A no-nonsense approach to starting and/or growing your online platform and starting to attract your ideal distance coaching clients right away!

  • The absolute LATEST tools and strategies for marketing and selling on the internet- what is working right now. I am obsessed with staying relevant, so as I learn it, you will too!

  • A solid “success mindset”–this in invaluable in terms of navigating the waters of online business and honing your abundance mindset. This piece teaches perspective and is lasting.

  • ONLY the big dial-movers that are going to help you attract clients to start making a huge impact and income as fast as possible. I have culled down massive amounts of education so that I can ONLY provide you with the things that actually make a difference.

  • If you put in the time and work to the program, you can expect to be launching your first online program or product within 3-6 months, making income serving people all over the world--a lot more than you could hope for in-person or locally.

  • You can expect to have built an email list and online engaged platform full trusted readers and eventual buyers.

  • The exact blueprint you need to continue to grow your business long after the 6 months is over!


Watch These Quick Video Testimonials from FBA Alums

Group Fitness Instructor Made $33,000 Online in 6 Months in FBA๐Ÿ‘‡


Elise Maxed Out High-Ticket 1:1 Coaching in 6 Months๐Ÿ‘‡


Tiana turned her online following into an Online Business๐Ÿ‘‡


Renee niched down and easily grew her email list because of it๐Ÿ‘‡


“I made my investment in FBA back immediately!”


“I was teaching 20 in person classes a week and was drained. I wanted to move online but had no idea where to begin!”


Launa went from zero idea about internet business to maxing out her 1:1 nutrition program๐Ÿ‘‡


"Where do I even start?" FBA gave Catherine the structure she needed to get her business off and running.


Brittany sold out her group program with the help of FBA!


Dr. Amy took used FBA to take her practice online and max out her virtual consulting๐Ÿ‘‡


My Commitment 

FBA is my Signature Online Business course, chock full of literally ALL MY BEST PRACTICES, and not things that were working years ago and not just "theory"--in the trenches strategies working right now. As someone who practices what she preaches AND is part of my own $25k Mastermind group, you can rest easy knowing that I am on the pulse of this industry and will be teaching you everything I know and learn.

I am committed to ONLY teaching and helping you implement the exact things that are going to help you get clients as quickly as possible.

Yes, we are in the Trust Business, and we are going to build that through content creation and sharing, but FBA will help you ASK a lot faster, too.

This education is stripped down to only what is going to help you make a huge impact and significant income within 6 months. 

Ready to Stop Trying to DIY-It and Finally Get the Guidance + Strategy You Need?

6 Months of Business Mentorship to Max Out Your Client Roster, Exponentiate Your Revenue and Create a Lifestyle Business You Love

Only 75 students accepted since you'll be working directly with Jill, we start October 4th!

DISCOUNTED ENROLLMENT now open for #SOCIALU students ONLY until Thursday September 23rd

TWO WAYS TO INVEST: Pay in full (and save) or finance your tuition๐Ÿ‘‡

Invest in Full - $2497
Finance Your Tuition - 6 Payments of $499

Frequently Asked Questions


ENROLLMENT now open for all students  

Capping the program at 75 students due to the high-touch nature. We start October 4th

TWO WAYS TO INVEST: Pay in full (and save) or finance your tuition๐Ÿ‘‡


Invest in Full - $2497
Finance Your Tuition - 6 payments of $499